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    Hey, my actual names Ryan as Tempahh is just the name I go by on CP. I've been in CP Armies for around 1 year now, with my highest achievement being GT 3ic as well as Orange Republic Leader.

    My main interests are Manchester United and Music, I don't really have anything more to say.

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Hello Orange Republic.

I would like to announce that the Orange Republic will be returning this summer! 🙂  This up coming generation will be like no other. I will be bringing  some very experienced leaders,and some former leaders to lead alongside with me. I will also be buying a CSS,to make the site look very sexy. Until Summer,you can contact me here,or here to talk to me.

Until Summer comes,

OR forever,


I’m back!

Hey guys teddy here. I’m here to bring OR back. if u wish to rejoin find me on xat im usually on DCP chat